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Raise your hand if you want to teach.

That seems to be the way teachers today are entering the profession. 

Teachers are born teachers – they are not made.

What makes for a good teacher?

Some teachers  Transitioning into teaching after a career in journalism seemed like a logical career choice for me. 

My writing was compromised because writing news scripts is far different from writing and analyzing essays. I did, however, connect, right away with the students and teachers.

Early on the connections between researching, reporting, and checking made sense for school. 

I couldn’t believe how many students, teachers  and parents, in my early days, asked me, "Why did you make the change to teaching?" Almost as  though teaching was a step down – I disagree. Teaching was a step up because I have students who have opted for a career in journalism as a result of my teaching.  

Circumstances is one reason, but the main reason is knowing how important it is for students to see professionals and learn from them.
As Arnold Horschack – one of Welcome Back, Kotter’s sweathogs, would say –  Uuuuh, uuuh, pick me!Pick me!

If I received a penny for every resolution I made, I’d be filthy rich – that’s why I don’t make them anymore.