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w00t! It’s almost 2008!

It’s a shame 

that it takes the dawning of a New Year for me to reflect on posts from years gone by. The past holds treasure chests worthy of opening.

In 2005, integrity, was the Word of the Year – two years later it’s, w00t go figure. 

Predictions, goals and resolutions for the New Year are cropping up everywhere. I found one today from a teacher, worthy of sharing:

"I think that in 2008, children will begin to know the importance of reading as a lifelong practice – that their families will catch on to this vision and model good reading practices  – thus, making a community of readers with a whole new world being opened up to them." (via Rebecca Sickler Schultz, The Daily Star)
Lest we forget, dear altruist, our children are competing with a myriad of digital devices. Who will have time to read?

The Economist is making a prediction that online traffic/surfing will speed up, but will slow down, exponentially, your online travels. I don’t know about you, but that’s been the case for me since 1995.

PCMag is reporting that social networking sites are soon to be invaded by identity thief hackers. This one I concur with – my Twitter account was hacked into – hence, I no longer send tweets. 

It was fun while it lasted. 

Speaking of fun, what about the Wii? Any readers out there wii’ing? Once you go Wii there’s no going back. I have a strange feeling that, wii’ing, will be added as an adjective entry to Merriam. You read it here first.

My own kids did not receive a Wii this Christmas, but my prediction is the Wii will dominate game consoles – there will no longer be sedentary PSP3s, Gameboys, or any other couch potato, gaming devices – ever again. w00t! It’s going to be a, Who Let the Dogs Out? UP, UP and Off Your Duff…gaming year ahead.

Let the games begin, readers! Have a Happy New Year.