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Where’s Katie off to next?

4th grader, Katie Scott,  lives in Washington D.C. and is an only child hoping to one day have a little brother. Katie gets a mysterious package in the mail from her Grandma Molly and a magic bar of soap takes her to Ireland. The book recently won a Moonbeam Book Award. In book two, Katie […]

Dear Diary, Mr. Gall is making history…

Just about everyday, colleagues, family, and friends, feel the need to call me dramatic. But it doesn’t bother me in the least because when I meet teachers who decide on their own to think outside the box, I get MELODRAMATIC. So just call me, Sarah Bernhardt, why-don’t-ya?  I tell you, I can take it! Why all the drama? Well, when I was […]

A ‘Shout Out’ to Mr. Gall and his Second Grade Bloggers

Call me dramatic, but I absolutely get charged when teachers think outside the box! Maybe it’s because, when I was young, school wasn’t the hip place to be. But thanks to my latest guest, times have truly changed! Second grade teacher, Mr. Gall, has been: inspiring, outside the box, thinking, and having his second graders, […]

Meet Mr. Gall and his Second Grade Bloggers