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Educational Blogs to Watch in 2008

I’m a little late this year getting my favorite blog list out to press – so without further adieu and in no particular order: 

Professor Chad Orzel writes the Uncertain Principles blog and provides his readers with a wealth of science news, political issues and pop culture links.  I was immediately drawn in by his clever titles for his posts. One of his links pointed me to the Nova special, Absolute Zero, that explains the theory of  – baby it’s COLD – see the very cool, interactive Anatomy of a Refrigerator

I have another winner. The English Teacher blog, authored by Carla Beard, a teacher of high school English in the Midwest. All week she’s been writing about collections she found at American Rhetoric (a fantastic resource) and providing links to: commentaries, famous speeches and historical icons. Here’s an exercise from one of her posts I will definitely use with my broadcast students. Beard writes,"A great exercise on journalistic objectivity that works even with kids who don’t remember Dennis Rodman." 

Teacher Blogger, Frumteacher, speaks from the heart about the highs and lows of teaching, and recently celebrated his "blogiversary." "To celebrate my one year blogiversary, and because I wanted to keep all my recipes together in one place, I decided to put up a cuisine blog. If you don’t know what to eat tonight, go ahead and visit." Congrats, Frum!

Finally, (just for now) there are the rants from the Pissed Off, teacher blogger. Her tag line – The rantings of a teacher who can retire but chooses not to – is fun – but her posts are funner. Ironically, we both shared a birthday the same week.


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