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Use the NY TIMES for Current Events

Here’s a great resource for journalism and history students – The Center For Public Integrity, whose mission:  "The Center for Public Integrity is to produce original investigative journalism about significant public issues to make institutional power more transparent and accountable." (via NYT) 

If you’re looking for a current events assignment to use in class today, here’s one I created for my Broadcast Journalism students.

Use the New York Times website to help answer the following questions: 

1) Whose shares are going up during this volatile market crisis?
2) What fence was toppled over and why?
3) What recent scandal has shook-up the NYPD’s narcotics division?
4) Why should the Nobu Next Door worry about Mercury?
5) Why is Virgilio Cintron able to rest now?
6) What is Google adding to its plate now?
7) Why are plastic bags in the news today?
8) What famous actor is the late Actor, Heath Ledger, being compared to?
9) What’s coming out of extinction in BRINKLEY, Ark?
10) Find the little, starving boy – Esperance Cahombo. Why is he in the news?  You’ll have to dig deep into the Sub Sahara.

I will post the answers in the comment section.


  1. Amy Bowllan says:

    1) Asia
    2) Rafah border
    3) The Drugs-For-Information scandal
    4) high mercury levels in tuna sushi
    5) His wake was on Monday – he was the dead man rolled down the street
    6) Digital advertising
    7)The Whole Foods market announced that they would stop using plastic bags.
    8)Marlon Brando
    9)The Ivory-billed woodpecker.
    10) little boy in Senegal – in need of food