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Here’s how thousands of teachers are using the HotChalk learning environment:
managing courses online (It’s almost like a 24-hour classroom for parents,students and teachers.)
accessing digital content from the NBC library (Right now, HotChalk is featuring an African American Studies collection.)
setting up online forums for enhanced classroom instruction (Students and parents can interact with teachers in a safe and secure environment.)
using teacher created lesson plans (Why reinvent the wheel?)
***premium services require a fee***

While we’re on the subject of CHALK, here’s an interesting article on how technology is making some traditional teaching tools — obsolete. "For years, the universal tool in the classroom was chalk. Eventually, the whiteboard replaced the blackboard and the marker replaced its dusty chalk predecessor. Will the interactive whiteboard and its companion stylus be the final step in the evolution of teacher tools?" (see full article – Middle Georgia schools using technology to enhance learning experience By Cameron Parker)


  1. kris bordessa says:

    Thanks for this, Amy!