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Unspoiling Your Child…After Spring Break

I guess the title says it all! But I have to say – with all due respect – some kids in today’s day are SPOILED – some more than others.  And if you’re anything like me:  40+ – a working mom – a doting mom – an educator – a career changer – a wife – a blogger – you can fill it in, you’ll take comfort in knowing that yes, I do spoil my kids and am in need of a  12-step program – SOON – on how to UNSPOIL my kids.

Here’s a picture taken two days ago on a family vacation. As you can see, I’m trying – unsuccessfully I might add – to have my kids face the camera after a great time horseback riding. 

You would think they’d at least cooperate!

Take the Spoiled Rotten Quiz first, then let me know if you are a spoiler.

Then, for all you uber dads-moms-guardians-teachers, out there, tell me if you’re guilty. 

I have expert bloggers who will be weighing in on the matter.


  1. Glenna Meeks says:

    I’m not spoiled but my kids are a little. They don’t get everything they want but I give them everything I think they need which to some folks may be excessive. A lot of what they have are things I wish I could’ve had as a child. I’m giving them the childhood I would have given myself, so in a round about way I’m spoiling me. Go figure!

  2. Dean Shareski says:

    Funny story. My youngest who was 7 at the time, was playing with some kids down the street who were not as well off as us. One of them called my daughter spoiled. She very innocently said, “Thank you”.

    No doubt while my wife and I don’t like to think we spoil our children, by many standards we do. We don’t give them many household duties as we should and they’ve been given man opportunities to play sports, take music lessons and travel.

    Although we value travel and experiences, our kids have been on some major excursions and have been required on our part to earn half.

    To me the biggest sign of being spoiled is ingratitude. As parents we constantly speak about thankfulness and gratitude with our children. For the most part, our kids are grateful and say thank you even when not prompted.

    Ungrateful = spoiled

  3. Amy Bowllan says:

    I agree with you, Glenna and Dean. Take my kids (despite the topic, not literally) they know which parent will give in to whatever their whim is and they will play that parent until they get what they want. I guess my question is, will they throw a tantrum when they don’t get the raise they want? I see children in schools who don’t get the grade they want, go home and complain to their parents and lo and behold, the parent “backs” their child. Sometimes it’s the teacher’s fault but most times the student did not put forth the effort to “get the grade.”

  4. christina says:

    hi mom
    post me more

  5. Spoil means— to damage severely or harm (something)
    to impair, damage, or harm the character or nature of (someone) by unwise treatment, excessive indulgence,Now if we think as parents why or what would make us do this , damage our children.when we say food is spoiled its bad. So i say all of that to if your spoiling your children stop now or won’t like the adult you produce. mother of seven

  6. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hmmm…that’s some good advice from a veteran mom. I will have to recalibrate my approach. Thanks, JC, wink.