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"My Parents Were Taken Away." Snow Falling in Spring By Moying Li…

…is a moving and a powerful, true story about a girl "coming of age in China during the CulturalRevolution;" published by Melanie Kroupa Books – Farrar, Straus and Giroux. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the author, Dr. Moying Li. (the right photo is of Moying as a young girl.) A.B. At […]

Dip Into The Past at Dipity

A colleague passed along this site for those in need of help creating timelines. It’s called Dipity.  Okay, so you may not need it today, but possibly tomorrow, or next year – no  pun – you just never know. 

So You ‘Wanna’ Be A CyberSmart-y Pants?

I know I’ve been a bit of a maniac with this cyberbullying topic, but when you’re passionate about something it can be – borderline – annoying to others.  Anyway, sorry if that is the case, but just this morning  – while reading my bloglines – I stumbled upon an unbelievable, super-duper resource for teachers – thanks to […]

@HSLJ with Andrea – Part 3: Emma Loves Libraries

Sarah is slightly more involved in social networking, mostly because she has the time. We follow each other on Twitter, send each other interesting links by email even from across the room, and we’ve used GChat to talk to Addison who now lives in another city. There’s a great story here about emma and chat […]


If you really want to see a library in a subway station stop, you’ll have to CLICK HERE.   Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu from the Here and There Japan blog has a straphangers’ ultimate delight.  Annie writes, "I had never seen this before! We saw this library of books in a train station. As you wait for your train, you […]

@HSLJ with Andrea – Part 2: All My Kids Have Blogs

As they got older, computer games became more involved and complicated, and because the computer was in an open area with the screen visible to others, siblings became drawn into what was happening on the screen as well. some single player games became a group effort just by nature of people being there. And the […]

Leaving Comments Should Be Easy As Pie … Says Darren Rowse

And if you are a new blogger, they – comments- do come. Just don’t get discouraged!   Here’s a link from Problogger with tips on how to generate more comments to your blog.  #10 is my favorite tip because I run into this comment-hard-to-climb-mountain all the time. Especially from bloggers who have this great post but make […]

@HomeSchool Library Journal with Andrea From

A few weeks back I posted about homeschoolers using technology as a teaching tool in the home. Needless to say, I was awed by the ingenuity taking place and invited one of my commenters, Andrea, from AtypicalLife blog, to share her family’s story.  So take your time and get ready to experience raw fun, and information for […]

Your Most Memorable Teacher…

Everyone has a teacher they never want to forget – for good or bad reasons – so with this post I am hoping – really hoping – you share your most memorable teacher.  If I have to beg I will. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week – coming in early May – the NEA has compiled a list of […]

*WARNING* Creepy Photo Has The Key

The debate on – HOW EARLY IS TOO EARLY TO BEGIN WORDPROCESSING SKILLS? – will never end.  And I don’t know about you, but I learned wordprocessing in high school, typing at home – while in grammar school – and keyboarding, I learned on my own. (Clever, yet bizarre photo comes via Marc Horowitz’s, I Need To Stop Soon blog-Handy hands […]