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When YouTube ‘HITS’ Home

Three months ago, and long before the now infamous, ‘girls gone wild fight’ on YouTube – my brother called me – frantic – because his daughter – my 15 year old niece – was involved in a pretty brutal, physical fight with another girl. She is, however, okay.

It was pretty distressing to watch – oh, I didn’t mention – someone videotaped the fight and posted it to YouTube. 

(On the right, Kay as a little girl)

I refuse to link to the video because I do not support or condone it- at all.

Needless to say, after I viewed the tape, I immediately emailed YouTube who has yet to pull it down.  

So my niece, who I will call, Kay, agreed to answer my main question, WHY? Why are our young people doing this?

Kay, in her own and unedited words:

       It’s not that people think its cool to fight and post the video on the internet, some/most people find it funny. Before the fight that i had a which was posted on YouTube hours after, me and a few friends would look up on YouTube  "Girls Fights"  and we would just sit there and be amazed on how many fights there were and how many people where watching them. I used to think that it was okay for everyone to sit and watch other kids fight, until my video was added to the list. It’s all fun and games till you see yourself added to the long list of fights on the internet. When i see over 1,000 views it’s not cute anymore(not like i lost or anything) but we are young ladies and we should not be fighting in the first place.  young people mostly young boys think that girl fights are the funniest things ever. So if they can be there in person there will be a Video types, Camera, Cell phones, and any thing els you can use to record, to show people how the fight went, but the thing is ANYONE can go see it and also leave commets on it. 
     The role Myspace plays in all on this is from YouTube you can add videos to your page and any one who knows you or goes to your page can watch the video. 

Indeed, this is a difficult post. But it is, however, an important one, because as adults, educators, and parents we are not immune to this. Education and compassion are just two tools that will combat this growing epidemic. Feel free to list more. 

By the way, this post is with my brother’s permission – photos are courtesy of him.

Thanks, Kay, for sharing your story!  I love you!


  1. Hey Ace great words and as always you helped us understand the bigger problem with girls fighting and posting — Keep doing your thing Love you..

  2. TroyJMorris says:

    It really is a disturbing trend. I’m having issues dealing with the almost viral nature of these “fads.”

    I use the term fad not to diminish the importance of this, but rather to liken it to those involved not realizing that it’s very real and very not “cool.”