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Your Most Memorable Teacher…

Everyone has a teacher they never want to forget – for good or bad reasons – so with this post I am hoping – really hoping – you share your most memorable teacher. 

If I have to beg I will.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week – coming in early May – the NEA has compiled a list of Celebrities, and Notable Public Figures, who share  their most memorable teachers. 

AYE! Those celebrities always get the spotlight! 

Don’t we – you and me – have teachers who helped mold us? 

Let’s shine a spotlight on those who gave us a tool for our tool chest for life.

I’ll start with mine.

A funny teacher I had, Dorothy Cariello, my 8th grade teacher I remember fondly. She was special in many ways; but one story – it’s quick – that stuck out for me was the time I wanted to play Dorothy in our class play, The Wiz.  I practiced and practiced and the kids in my class voted for my rival, Tonya, to take the lead part as Dorothy. 

Needless to say, I was devastated. 

Mrs. Cariello knew how much I practiced – she actually cried with me – real tears – and gave me the part – after Tonya decided she didn’t want to spend the afternoons practicing. Mrs. Cariello ALWAYS believed in me and stayed with me after school to practice for the part. I will never forget her.

Now my only wish would be to find Ms. Cariello — I know you’re out there –somewhere.  

Come on folks! Show your teachers some love.  

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  1. Hi Amy – nice post, it made me smile as I read it. One of my memorable teachers was in the 8th grade. Mrs Cowart, social studies.

    I received an A on an exam and was thrilled with disbelief despite the fact that I knew I studied. It was probably the first full exam I had studied for to that extent.

    As I was walking out of class that afternoon she called me aside. (Was I in trouble?) Nope. She put her hand on my shoulder, looked me square in the eye and said with kind sincerity, “You know, you got that A because you are really smart and you studied hard. Doesn’t the award of getting that A feel good?” To which I said yes. she replied; “Don’t ever forget that.”

    Wow – I never did.

    A couple of sentences I have carried with me for the rest of my life. She probably never knew how that stayed with me. It meant a great deal at a time when I needed it more than ever. Thanks Mrs. Cowart!

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    This comment brought tears to my eyes, thank you. Teachers have a way – when it’s done right – to leave such an impact on us. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. My most memorable teacher is my current one, Mrs. Kerney. In case you’re wondering, I’m Mr. Park’s son.

  4. Hi Amy, My most memorable teacher was my first grade teacher Ms. Mullins. I remember the event as if it was yesterday! All I can share with you is that I colored all the pictures in a new math work book. That did not sit too well with her. However, I have written a children’s picture book about the incident. I will most diffently get back to you as soon as it is published. I really don’t want to spoil the ending:)

  5. Amy Bowllan says:

    Vailes8 – thank you for peeking my curiosity. Now you will HAVE to pass along your picture book when it is published. Our personal stories are the best books to print. Many thanks for the story.

    Riley–thanks for your comment too. Who is Mr. Park???

  6. Stephen Macquignon says:

    Mr. Jay Palefsky, will most likely go down as one of my favorite teachers of all time.
    Mr. Palefsky was my art teachers for several classes I took in threw out high school.
    In short he made me think. Be creative and showed me how to think out side the box. At the start of the first class of school he asked you to draw two dots then connect them. A straight line was not the answer he was looking for.
    He was kind and still is and encouraging, I still keep in touch with him and try to see him when I can. He is happily retired and creating greeting card & other works of art.
    His link to his store

  7. Cynthia Polansky says:

    My most memorable teacher…do I have to list just one? I was fortunate enough to have several during my school years. If I had to pick, I suppose it would be Mrs. McChesney, who taught high school Spanish. She was that rare teacher who did her job well, earned respect, and was likeable all at the same time.

  8. April Carter says:

    My most memorable teacher was Ms. B. Johnson. She was my second grade teacher at P.S.118. I remember she was a very stylish dress and I thought she was very smart and I want to be fly and smart just like her.