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Stop Cyberbullying: Will You Be There?

If you haven’t heard, Monday, June 2nd, is the first ever – from what I heard – International Cyberbullying Conference – hosted by Parry Aftab and Wiredsafety.  If you’re signed up – although Monday is filled – do let me know. I would love to meet with other bloggers!  Any bloggers who wish to meet, please email […]

For 21st Century Teachers 2: Fun on Friday

This says it all.

For 21st Century Teachers: Fun on Friday

 Aren’t chalkboards a thing of the past?

Our Kids Are Failing: 6 Ways to Recession-Proof Our Kids

Times, are indeed, hard! Gas prices are through the roof, and food prices – as my brother says all the time – are sick! Not to mention, in times like these, who can save money for their child’s college tuition? No comments needed. That said, as long as we don’t wallow in self-pity – although I do it all the time – […]

Free Ed Tech Links For School or Home: Musicovery Wins

Drats! I just heard  – while driving home – CD 101.9 in New York is no longer playing smooth jazz. Bummer!  Well, let’s look at the bright side. Here’s another way you can listen while you work, or listen while you teach… Similar to Pandora, Musicovery is an interactive web radio that allows listeners to tune-in to their favorite music. It is, […]

count us in  count us in

Seismic Waves @ ForgeFX

What really happens during an earthquake? This is a question students often ask, but only after a catastrophic event occurs like the one in Sichuan, China.  Let’s better prepare them by introducing them to this Seismic Waves 3D Simualtor.  "An actual earthquake will always create P, S, and surface waves, but using this application you can choose […]

Flash Over The Phone: Tangrams Anyone?

Do you know someone – possibly a first grader – in need of help learning Flash? Here’s the site for you -developed and updated by an amazing, retired teacher, Geoff Dellow. Geoff and his team of Flashteachers are committed to making learning fun — my daughter will have a raised eyebrow when she reads this. But here’s how they used flash animation to […]

A Memorial Day To Remember: Finding Your Niche Takes Time

Recently I’ve been reading Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. What a find? If you are new to blogging, or a veteran, get this book! It provides an easy to read framework on making the most of your blog.  It also forces you to reflect on your […]

Another One Bites The Dust: Fun on Friday

Now HERE’S a student I want in my class! Kid Doesn’t Realize Camera Is Taping I wish all of you a great weekend!