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A Tag: 5 Things I Wish I Learned In School

Now that Teachers’ Appreciation Week is behind us, it’s only right for me to lament on what I wish I had learned during my own school days: 

These are not rants – I promise – they are, indeed, revelations.  

1) I wish I had learned Latin. It may be a dead language to some, but from what I hear, it’s alive, when it comes to honing grammar skills. I need constant work in this department and need NO reminders.

2) I wish I  learned about African American Artists. Right now I can spew at length, African American poets, writers, authors, athletes, singers, etc., but when I think about AA artists, I have to stop and think hard – too hard.

3) I wish I had taken a formal etiquette course – and not learned from observing others. No one who knows me is allowed to comment on this one. *smile* 

4) I wish I had taken a course in Oceanography, since the unknown world, deep-down in the sea has always fascinated me. Space also makes me wonder about life existing out there in the cosmos.

Okay, get ready to sound the trumpets…

5) *sniff* SWIMMING CLASS! It’s true. I can’t swim to save my life and can’t figure out why this isn’t a mandate in every school — whether there’s a pool or not??? Pull out the blow-ups for god’s sake. The fact that I can’t tread water sickens me and of course, who do I blame? Not me, or my mother, or my father – I find comfort in blaming my school for this? Although I am  not sure why. 

Are schools responsible for life saving courses? They are for driver’s ed. 

Now I’m off to tag 5 of my favorite bloggers: Doug – because he’s prolific and I marvel at his writing; Kris – because she just returned home after living in Hawaii;   Don Tate – because his artwork has inspired me to want to learn how to draw; Susan Polgar – because she is a world class chess champion and happens to be my friend; Jenny D.  – because she recently completed her doctoral program — an awesome feat!