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Kids Can Shake You Up And Bring You Up: It’s A Good Thing

Good news out of Sichuan, China — the China View is reporting that "More than 500 students from Beichuan Middle School, whose 1,300 schoolmates and teachers were killed or missing in last week’s massive earthquake, resumed classes on Monday." Let’s continue to keep them in our thoughts.
Ironically, my daughter Christina – who is in 3rd grade – is having a test today on earthquakes – just what I needed. 

Nevertheless, yesterday was filled with emotion but my daughter helped to put things in perspective for me. She let me know how sad she was about the young people who perished in the earthquake and she assured me that she was okay. Christina also said, "Mom, I was reading your blog today in school." My response, "Hmmm…really? How cool is your school, dear?" Her response, "Why don’t you put my picture there?" My slow and devilish response, "Did you click through the pages to see if I did or not?" Meanwhile, selfishly I am thinking – PAGEVIEWS, PAGEVIEWS – Hence, the photo is of the two of us at last year’s Komen Walk for breast cancer research.

And while I am on the subject of kids, it is official – I detest science fair projects. My son – who is in 5th grade -had his science project due today. After weeks of researching with him, I now realize that there’s no way for a parent to stand by the sidelines. I promise, I did not do the project myself. I promise!  But as an educator, I hear it all the time, this is not your parents’ project, it is yours. Well I am changing my tune from now on, since I used more tape and glue than ever in life – we even bought a chameleon! My son – who I am most proud of – researched optical illusions in nature – looking at animals who use adaptation/camouflaging for survival. He found that some of these animals are at risk of extinction due to global warming and deforestation. 

That was my night last night. 

But we did work together. Promise. 

Any brave soul willing to share (admit) their Science Fair woes? 

Do keep us in your thoughts. Tonight is the actual Science Fair and we won’t know until this afternoon if he/we is/are selected. 

My fingers and toes are crossed. 

***Bowllan boy UPDATE*** 
sniff…he didn’t make it. But he did, however, have a tremendous showing at his booth. Even though he wasn’t one of the finalists. His teacher told me his science project wasn’t "experimenty" enough. What does that mean? Do you really need an experiment to prove a  theory?