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Does your youngster really need a credit card?

Before you scoff and say "NO WAY" the folks over at Credit Cards for Kids (I know, there’s a site for everything nowadays.) make a valid argument on why young swiping is the way to grow.

For skeptics like me, it sounds like a good plan; but it also makes me wonder why I would want to give my children my debt. Here’s their reasoning.

Why should I give my kids a credit card?
There are many reasons to get a credit card for your kids. Signing up for a credit card for your kid is a great way to encourage responsible spending, teach them how a credit card works, and most importantly build credit. If your teenager is just starting to drive you may also want them to keep an extra credit card in the car in case of emergency.

Okay, but seriously, does my kid really need a credit card?
The thing about credit is it is easier to get it when you do not need it than when you do. When your kid goes to look for a house, car loan, or student loan they will be approved based on their credit history. 

Personally, the only argument I see against this idea is if the parent herself is not responsible. And quite  frankly, after just checking my own credit card balance the thought of two kids having access to "free" money – in their mind – makes me a touch nervous. 

But let’s say you have great credit, and are good with money – why not pass it on  to your children? 

What could possibly go wrong?