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Flash Over The Phone: Tangrams Anyone?

Do you know someone – possibly a first grader – in need of help learning Flash? Here’s the site for you -developed and updated by an amazing, retired teacher, Geoff Dellow. Geoff and his team of Flashteachers are committed to making learning fun — my daughter will have a raised eyebrow when she reads this.

But here’s how they used flash animation to explore a poem by Robert Frost, and here’s how they use lines, colors, shapes in fun ways. Lastly, my favorite – since I am musically challenged – seven student-groups took a short piece of music and created their interpretation in colors and shapes.

Once you’ve looked through ALL the sites, go and grab some popcorn for some Math Movies. 

With all that’s out there, in  today’s day and age, there’s no need for students to struggle with math. Right? 

Since Geoff is retired, he also offers FREE, over-the-phone service  or