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Free Ed Tech Links For School or Home: Musicovery Wins

Drats! I just heard  – while driving home – CD 101.9 in New York is no longer playing smooth jazz. Bummer! 

Well, let’s look at the bright side. Here’s another way you can listen while you work, or listen while you teach

Similar to Pandora, Musicovery is an interactive web radio that allows listeners to tune-in to their favorite music. It is, indeed, a discovery of sorts and if you haven’t tried it yet – you’re really missing out on a new adventure. 

How can teachers benefit? 

Using Musicovery’s interactive time line, why not jazz up your class and teach students about the variety of music genres during specific time periods? There are also music links to fit your mood. Due to today’s weather, I was a little blue, and ironically, so were songs written by Lauryn Hill, Whitney, and Janet — my girls! But what a wonderful, up-to-date ice breaker for the beginning of the school year — especially when emotions are so unpredictable. 

Not only is it a cool way to learn about a student’s taste in popular music – it’s also a way for teachers to use their own creativity to create 21st century lesson plans that connects history, emotion, and popular hits, from favorite artists.  If you have a Musicovery idea, share it with us.


Math help anyone?.
Sumsense Multiplication is a winner! From my point of view, I found that this site forces students to think outside the rote – math – educational – learning box. Visit the site and tell me if you agree. The visuals make great use of the screen, and there is an instant notification feature installed if you have a wrong answer. You’re also timed – for those of you who love an added piece of stress.


Too much of a good thing doesn’t always work.
When a website has everything your child needs to enhance his/her education at home – that’s always a good thing. Unless, however, there is TOO information and too long of a load time for web pages. Tell me if this site doesn’t frustrate the heck out of you. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the Childtopia website, and I do feel like I’m beating up on all their hard work. Yes – they do have tons of worksheets, activities and educational resources for learners. But boy, navigating around this site, frustrated me to no end. Do take a look and let me know if you experience the same delays. This really matters with youngsters, since their attention span is like mine – short. Please, tell me if it’s me.

What happened to my paws?

Switcheroo Zoo
– Ahhh, yes…here’s fun at the zoo at it’s best.While I am not an avid zoo-goer – kids will love switching and morphing the bodies of elephants with tigers and giraffes with owls.   

Tomorrow: Money Managing and Keeping Your Kids’ Future Out Of  A Recession


  1. Hi I’m Daniel Garcia from Childtopia. You shouldn’t be experiencing delays and it really surprise me, if you can send us some more information we can investigate to see if there is a problem. Thank you and sorry for my english

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hi, Daniel!
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    Let me say that I loved your site. There is lots to do. However, each time I linked to another activity it brought right back to the graphic that took – for me – too much time to get to my next activity. Make sense? I’m not sure you need to have the opening graphic repeat itself so often. imho.
    Feel free to email me if you have questions.