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If YOU Are A Teacher, Librarian, or Homeschooler…

what is your – ALL TIME Favorite – can’t teach without it – website? I ask because I’m conducting a tech workshop in a few weeks and my topic is "Top 10 – 20 Must Have Sites For Teachers." My goal is to provide teachers with these tools for the summer.   For example, here’s a fantastic science site every […]

Have You Taken The Megan Pledge?

I just received confirmation that I am, indeed, attending the Stop Cyberbullying International conference held in White Plains, NY on June 2 – sponsored by Cyber Guru/Lawyer, Parry Aftab, and Wired Safety. "At the world’s first conference dedicated entirely to the issue of cyberbullying, all stakeholders will learn everything they need to know about this digital epidemic and explore solutions."  […]

A Perfect MATE For Your Curriculum

I was pleased to read Jessica Bauer’s article, the chess article over at GM, Susan Polgar’s blog.  todayChess is one of those sports that is grossly underrated. In the past, I’ve written about chess in schools, and I am still an ardent believer that students who play chess, perform better in school. This is NOT to say that […]

"Giving Hope One Lunch At A Time"

The news of Senator Kennedy’s battle with brain cancer has truly stunned the nation. He, along with people like Gabby, need us to help in their fight against this disease, that has no cure. Click the sparkly ribbon to see how your brown bag lunch can help. For information on how you can help, visit and meet other youngsters who […]

Does your youngster really need a credit card?

Before you scoff and say "NO WAY" the folks over at Credit Cards for Kids (I know, there’s a site for everything nowadays.) make a valid argument on why young swiping is the way to grow. For skeptics like me, it sounds like a good plan; but it also makes me wonder why I would want to give […]

Technology With A Heart 

look before you leap 

Kids Can Shake You Up And Bring You Up: It’s A Good Thing

Good news out of Sichuan, China — the China View is reporting that "More than 500 students from Beichuan Middle School, whose 1,300 schoolmates and teachers were killed or missing in last week’s massive earthquake, resumed classes on Monday." Let’s continue to keep them in our thoughts. ____________________________________________________ Ironically, my daughter Christina – who is in 3rd grade […]

"Yesterday we could still hear the kids,"

*WARNING* The following video contains troubling images of the Sichuan rescue efforts – view at your own discretion.  "Yesterday we could still hear the kids," said Wang Tongtian, who was napping when Monday’s quake hit, burying his son’s kindergarten class. "Today, there’s nothing." There’s also NOTHING anyone can say that will help ease that pain.  Ever […]

A Tag: 5 Things I Wish I Learned In School

Now that Teachers’ Appreciation Week is behind us, it’s only right for me to lament on what I wish I had learned during my own school days:  These are not rants – I promise – they are, indeed, revelations.   1) I wish I had learned Latin. It may be a dead language to some, but from what I hear, it’s […]