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Gehrig’s Disease Can’t Stop Writer, Chris Taylor

"When something tragic occurs in your life, it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and want to give up on life altogether." – Chris Taylor That said, anyone who is a writer (there are a lot of us out there) can appreciate the pure effort it takes to write. But recently, my brother introduced me to one writer who […]

A Birthday Worth Celebrating – The SLJ Blog

It seems so surreal that  MY BLOG TURNS 3 TODAY! Whoo Hoo! Go me! Go me! I will say, due to the sheer nature of technology, blogging ages in dog years — so this is a golden year for me. As I reflect on a few name changes and the past three years, here are a collection of things that has […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Sr. Camille!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I would love for you – my loyal reader – to give your mom some love. Email me a note saying why your mom is/was special. I will post it HERE — with a picture of course. Here’s my mom. Please meet Sr. Camille – yes, my mom is a nun and […]

Homeschool Mom Launches – 2Think2Learn

Mark your calendars! June 1st  marks the beginning of 2Think2Learn Summer Fun!  Have  your student learning while vacationing at the 2think2Learn Virtual Campus!  Sign up, here. Hi Amy,  I was excited to read your article on involving technology in your homeschool program. I am a teacher from New Zealand and have been homeschooling my children for the […]

Why I hate the New York Times Online  Then there’s the interactive features and the most emailed stories. who in the world has time to read it all? I wish they blocked it — because i can’t get my work done.

PimpMySearch Looks Like Google…

but isn’t… Have some fun with  the PimpMySearch website.

Invite A WIKI Into Your Class

If you’ll recall, I first wrote about wikis with Kathy Cassidy’s blooming bloggers here and here.  And thanks to Troy – over at Wetpaint – he connected me to another wiki user, Eighth grade teacher, Teresa Hinkel, who also uses the free Wetpaint software.  Teresa’s class used a wiki for their unit on my all time favorite novel The Diary […]