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Darlene Brown

Staffers at The Morning Journal in Lorain, Ohio, are mourning the loss of one of their beloved, retired columnists, Darlene Brown – who died recently from a sudden illness. The Journal is reporting that Brown was best known for her many contributions to the field of journalism – demonstrating particular expertise in getting to know communities – which in turn made her a valuable resource in her respective field.  […]

Fun on Friday: How ya feelin’?

Now that summer is finally here, how many teachers out there can relate to this dude? (photo comes courtesy of silly animals)

Medieval Links

Here are links from my third teacher training session on Medieval History. EarlyMiddle Ages*   Medieval Life Create Your Own Questions   Printables: Dark Medicine etc. Wordsearches   Medieval Images    Nova Online   Maps   Quiz   Medieval Times

Make Education Exciting: Anita Roddick

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, praises 21st teachers in this YouTube video clip. And although she is deceased, I am selecting her as my pick for Everyday People you should know. See this inspiring message and find out, why. On another note, last week my computer was hiccuping something awful, so my Fun on Friday post […]

Lesson Plans for Teachers: The Mzungu Boy

Today was my second – summer tech, teacher training session, and I must say I was quite dismayed at not being able to find any teacher, or author created lesson plans for Meja Mwangi’s book, THE MZUNGU BOY. I’ve done an awful lot of researching over the years, so when a search comes up negative – it’s sad and presents the ultimate […]

KidSpirit Magazine: Meet Rebecca Brudner and Susan Yassky

In the center of this photo are two girls in blue, who are wearing HUGE smiles on their faces. Susan Yassky and Rebecca Brudner are two writers for the newly released KidSpirit magazine.  They, along with their editorial board, seen here, have spent 2 years talking about life’s big questions, and now they’re sharing what they found in the first-ever spirituality magazine generated […]

Fun On Friday: How Do You See Yourself?

I saw this picture hanging on the wall of  a teacher’s classroom and it made me smile.  Have a roarin’ good weekend!

The Best Lesson Plan For Teachers: Start NOW

If you’re an honest teacher you will have to agree with this: serious teachers who love their profession – do not, and I mean, DO NOT, wait until summer is almost over to start planning ahead, right? They start now when school is ending. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  I was at a dinner party […]

Fun Kids Website: Ziggity Zoom

Don’t think for one second that just because it’s almost summer, and school is almost out, that I, or Bowllan’s Blog, will be on vacation. NO DEAL. What I will be doing, however, is posting online resources you can use at home – on those HOT summer days – like today – when being outside with the […]

Everyday People: Read Deborah’s Story

Last month I introduced you to Chris Taylor who has Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but it doesn’t have him. A reader, Deborah, left Chris a comment and shared her own story of triumph.  So today is Monday, and Deborah is my pick for Everyday People Doing Amazing Things.  She writes… "Hey Chris, I so relate to your story…I grew up […]