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Cyberbullying Resources And Kidzui Is Now Free

Today ends my coverage of the Stop Cyberbullying Conference. It was definitely a worth’while’world’wind  (say that 3x fast) but as far as my notes, what I tried to do was cull through, target, and bullet those items that really stuck to me – you know, the must haves – and then my plan was to steer you to the WiredSafety website for much, much more on the topic. Make sense?

Oh…and if you’re one of those persons who tend to think cyberbullying is not a big deal, here’s a PSA, (I’ve posted before.) that will make you think differently. Not to sound harsh, but I’m receiving mixed reviews from people regarding the severity of cyberbullying — almost like I’m too obsessive about  this. I am! Am I?

So here are the rest of my notes?

  • Girl Ambition is a new website geared at girls in grades 7-12 to help them to make right decisions at an earlier age – with big kid type tools. 
  • Be on the look out! Girl Scouts will be launching a program for girls to be in the driver’s city – peer to peer approach, which will help and empower girls on how to be leaders. The launch date is June 15! 
  • On behalf of the Anti Defamation League, Scott Hershfeld, spoke about the growing problems with bullying and cyberbullying – and is currently developing curriculum and training programs on the issue of prejudice. They were recognized for their efforts to combat cyberbullying. Here’s the article. 
  • Pace University Professors, Sandra Flank and Dean Sachs, were on hand to discuss how Pace students are finding ways to make their own students, web savvy.  Here’s what they’re offering in the fall.               

Starting this fall, the multilevel Pace University/WiredSafety program involves
• New cybersafety workshops for middle-school parents and caregivers, using concepts and materials from WiredSafety and given in NY Metro-area schools by Pace faculty and student volunteers.
• Coaching for fourth to ninth graders in safe and responsible uses of interactive and digital technologies, conducted by Pace students who will be meeting a university-wide civic engagement requirement in a course titled “Computers for Human Empowerment.” The coaching will include use of a WiredSafety innovation, the use of trained teenage “Teenangels” who speak directly to their peers.
• A new three-course graduate sequence leading to a graduate certificate in Cybersafety and in WiredTrust’s Web 2.0 Risk Management for Schools.
• Internet safety modules in teacher-certification courses drawing on WiredSafety methods. These are being added to current Pace courses in Child Abuse, Human Development, and Educational Technology for school technology administrators. 

Lastly, I bumped into the fine folks over at KidZui who are keeping kids safe with their FREE Internet browser for Kids. "The KidZui browser was designed to offer kids the same expansive experience adults have on the web. KidZui brought together a team of over 200 teachers and/or parents to scour the web in search of the best content for kids. The founders engaged their kids, nieces and nephews to assess the initial product; they were later joined by over 5,000 other curious young beta-testers and their parents."

Lastly – really lastly – a fun moment occurred when a Microsoft rep. asked the students – those who have been bullied – if their parents had made complaints to their ISPs. There was a dull silence. Then Parry Aftab, the organizer, asked again, and one student stood up and said, "What’s an ISP?"  A sweet moment indeed.

Out of the mouths of babes…


  1. TroyJMorris says:

    That’s a great PSA. It’s very true. It’s one reason I nearly always refuse to address abusive folks online who don’t bother to attribute their true selves.