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Lesson Plans for Teachers: The Mzungu Boy

Today was my second – summer tech, teacher training session, and I must say I was quite dismayed at not The Mzungu Boybeing able to find any teacher, or author created lesson plans for Meja Mwangi’s book, THE MZUNGU BOY. I’ve done an awful lot of researching over the years, so when a search comes up negative – it’s sad and presents the ultimate challenge for me and colleagues, who have the "I told you so!" on their faces. 

My answer, "Don’t wallow in a pity party – make it happen Bowllan! 

I must admit, I -we – take, take, take, from the online educational world – where information is fruitful and most times, FREE. However, when is it time to give back to the creation of information? That said, it’s time for ME to create my own lesson plan on The Mzungu Boy. Coming soon…

In the meantime, here are a few teacher links – my colleague and I found today – that were helpful with her curriculum on African and Asian history. She’s integrating children’s literature and weaving it throughout the curriculum of these two continents. 
1) is a great resource, if you have the budget. And you know my motto when it comes to information – FREE – FREE – FREE.

2) Lesson plans for every book you can imagine can be found right here at  LITERATURE LINKS.  Although in all honesty, there wasn’t much when we looked up teacher ideas for At Her Majesty’s Request. There’s still lots to cull at that site.