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Darlene Brown

Staffers at The Morning Journal in Lorain, Ohio, are mourning the loss of one of their beloved, retired columnists, Darlene Brown and Jim Mahony The Morning Journal Photo GalleryDarleneDarlene Brown - The Morning Journal Photo Gallery Brown – who died recently from a sudden illness. The Journal is reporting that Brown was best known for her many contributions to the field of journalism – demonstrating particular expertise in getting to know communities – which in turn made her a valuable resource in her respective field. 
Therefore, it’s only fitting to have Darlene Brown as my Monday’s pick for
Everyday People you should know
Here’s the article that pays tribute to this remarkable woman; whose life was spent reporting on the lives of everyday people. I am quite sure her library background helped provide the foundation for her skills as a reporter.

"…she was a valuable member of the Lorain Public Library System’s Marketing Advisory Team. Her knowledge of the community plus her strong belief in the public library’s role of providing free access to information for everyone helped guide the library system in its marketing efforts." (Photos come via The Morning Journal Photo Gallery)


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