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Parrot Dancing: Fun on Friday

You’d be surprised what some parrots can do. Why can’t I move like this?!  Enjoy your weekend. (comes courtesy of Facebook pal R.W.)

Cyberbullying Resources And Kidzui Is Now Free

Today ends my coverage of the Stop Cyberbullying Conference. It was definitely a worth’while’world’wind  (say that 3x fast) but as far as my notes, what I tried to do was cull through, target, and bullet those items that really stuck to me – you know, the must haves – and then my plan was to steer you to the WiredSafety website for much, much more […]


Stop Cyberbullying Conference: Notes from Day 1 – Part 2

To my surprise, there’s yet another form of online bullying out there called screen-sharing – a student attendee at the Stop Cyberbullying Conference reported that a boy was on her friend’s mac and via screen-sharing was able to see what was on her friend’s computer. It was confusing, I know. So I did my own research on screen-sharing […]

Stop Cyberbullying Conference: Notes from Day 1

Parry Aftab, (seen with me here) and the Wired Safety organization should be very happy with the turnout and feedback from yesterday’s first International Stop Cyberbullying Conference, held in White Plains, New York. For me, the best parts were meeting Megan Meier’s mom (see her photo below) and seeing the enthusiasm and interest from the over 200 students in […]

His Holistic Approach To 21st Century Education: Gareth Long

Everyday People:  Gareth Long has worked with some of the world’s leading experts in education of the future –  including Professor Stephen Heppell, Prakash Nair and Randy Fielding.   Gareth is a blogger and an independent education consultant, currently working directly for the Minister of Education in the Cayman Islands as the Strategic Development Advisor (Education) […]