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Discovery Education & RIP, Anthony.

While it’s hotter than July (cue Stevie Wonder) outside, staying indoors and playing at the Discovery Education website is always an option. They have oodles of activities: Puzzlemakers, Brain Boosters – I definitely need that this week – and the, oh so very cool Learning Adventures.  At the Learning Adventures page, be sure to click on the […]

Farmer’s Hat Productions: Everyday People

I was pleased to receive this email from the fine folks over at Farmer’s Hat Productions. Authors Kakie Fitzsimmons, and JoAnne Pastel are pleased to announce the release of their fourth book, Anna Goes Hiking. In this story, Anna goes on her first hiking experience with her mom and dad and learns many things along the way. […]

From Reader’s Digest Laughs

Cheers to Fun on Friday!

At Don’t Forget The Immigrants

Ask anyone over the age of 40 if they are familiar with the term "digital native" and I can assure you will get a raised eyebrow. Or, ask any youngster if they’re a digital native and you’ll probably get a good sassin’. Huh? What? Digital who? So when I received the following email message, I realized there […]

Tech Tip for Teachers: Clean Out Your E-Mailbox…

…because you never know what you’ll find before those old emails enter those pearly gates. So here are a few questions, and be honest! Are you an email hoarder? Do you break out into a cold sweat when it’s time to clean out your inbox? Do you teach your students that cleaning their inbox is […]

What is diversity?

Is it just about color, socio-economics, gender, weight, race etc.? What is diversity? Are you or someone you know leading diversity initiatives in your school? I ask because I am thrilled and over-the-moon to have been selected as the Director of Diversity at my school for the 2008-2009 year. It is a newly created position and right up my alley – I think. Am I really […]


Author, David Michael Slater has advice for those wannabee authors – like me.  For the full text please visit David’s website and click  "700 Words on Rejection."  SUBMISSION DOES NOT MEAN SURRENDER by David Michael Slater  Dear Writer, thank you for your submission. We’re sorry to say… Dear Writer, thank you for your submission. We’re sorry […]

Fun on Friday: Are You A MAE?

My mom was a MAE for as long as I can remember. And now I’m one too. What about yours? Thanks, Brian Zaikowski, for the chuckle.

In Life, Take the WATER for the Ride!

Listen and Learn: NPR’s Goodies

Who dares to enter Central Park after dark? NPR Reporter, Margot Adler introduces us to Journalist and Author, Marie Winn. Adler, writes, "In Central Park in the Dark, Marie Winn explores the urban wild when the sun goes down and looks at the animals that play in the shadows: bats, owls, moths and slugs. There is […]