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Tech Tip for Teachers: Clean Out Your E-Mailbox…

…because you never know what you’ll find before those old emails enter those pearly gates.

So here are a few questions, and be honest!

Are you an email hoarder? Do you break out into a cold sweat when it’s time to clean out your inbox? Do you teach your students that cleaning their inbox is good thing?  Well, here’s what I found just yesterday when I peeked inside an email from 2006.

Resources for gifted students:

A Math Dictionary For Kids

Funbrain Math (different levels)

Math Puzzles (challenging)

Great Math Sites

Aunty Maths Challenges

Reading and Language Arts Interactive sites (various grade levels)

Math and Language Arts Sites

Gifted Children Webquest – Running The Iditarod The Last Great Race on Earth

Good stuff is in there! So don’t waste – just reuse and recycle.

(photo courtesy of Merlin’s photo stream)