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Discovery Education & RIP, Anthony.

While it’s hotter than July (cue Stevie Wonder) outside, staying indoors and playing at the Discovery
Education website is always an option. They have oodles of activities: Puzzlemakers, Brain Boosters – I definitely need that this week – and the, oh so very cool Learning Adventures

At the Learning Adventures page, be sure to click on the Understanding Slavery link. Recently, I’ve been obsessed trying to find my own roots. Hence, I am determined, as one of my goals this year, to teach students "how to search for their genealogy and explain why it’s important.  My mom, as I’ve written about before, started me on this journey and I now – more than ever – I am determined to find answers. 

There’s definitely a process for researching genealogy, and for those on hot pursuit my best advice is, NEVER GIVE UP. The answers are there! But unfortunately, for African Americans, so many slaves’ stories are buried. However, thanks to the Internet there are ways of digging up our past. Tomorrow,  I will take you through my own journey of discovery.

Quick tips on tracking your roots:
Check out census records
Exhaust Catnyp at NYPL
Contact librarians – they are ready, willing and able to help you in your hot pursuits.
RIP, Anthony Bodden 1939-2003 My dad, seen here, would have been 69 today. *sniff*