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Heavy Backpacks: Blues 2

Yes, it’s back-to-school shopping time. But before you head out to buy a backpack for your kid(s), do consider Credit: brianlies.coma recent comment from a high school reader. 

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The Backpack Blues
Emily commented:

I’m a highschooler, and I’ll bet I carry around 25-30 pounds of books/binders in my backpack. I only weight 100lbs, so that’s a very heavy load. I think textbooks should be kept at home, and a class set used in the classroom. I’d say in my bag every night there are 3 textbooks (at least), 3 binders, 2-3 library books, graphing calculator, 3 folders, and an adgenda. I ride the bus, and although the bus stops across the street from my house, it’s hard to walk that far with a heavy backpack.

Who’s to blame for this? Are teachers giving too much homework? In a digital age, this is unbelievable!

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