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Everyday People: The Picnic Basket by Deborah Sloan

One of my Jacketflap friends, Deborah Sloan, sent me the following email last week and it’s too good and too yummy to keep ALL to myself. 
The Dog Who Belonged To No One by Amy Hest
Hi Amy. As someone who works with librarians, I thought you’d like to know about the recent launch of  The Picnic Basket where school and library professionals taste new and forthcoming children’s books with first-come, first-serve sample copies of books for kids of all ages. It’s a blog full of all you can read (and write) about children’s literature.

We send free books. Librarians tell us what they think; they look to see what’s in the weekly feast, request the books they want to taste, read the books, and then post reviews on The Picnic Basket for colleagues to read.


Librarians and teachers are community ambassadors: they use books, talk about books, buy books, and The Picnic Basket Screen Shot of Blogencourage others to do the same. They host blogs, feature books on their websites, nominate books for awards, present at conventions, and suggest authors and illustrators for conferences, events and festivals. They connect books with readers.

Because the majority of librarians and teachers don’t have sales reps presenting future lists, they often don’t see books until far after publication date and need to make purchasing decisions without having seen the book they’re purchasing. Isn’t it time for change?

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