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Fun on Friday: CATWALK by Deborah Gregory AND A Back 2 School Quote by Kiely Williams of The Cheetah Girls

As a full-time working mom, PARTYING has not been on my top 10 list of Things To Do – unfortunately – although I must say it is something I Catwalk by Deborah GregoryLOVE to do. Anyway, at a recent industry party I had the absolute pleasure of Deborah Gregory and Senator Obamameeting  The Cheetah Girls creator and the oh-sopurrrlicious,  Deborah Gregory. Her latest and furrily-fun, book, CATWALK (Delacorte Press) will give readers ages 10 and up an inside peek into career possibilities in the fashion business. The fictional high school, Fashion International provides a hands-on entry for students seriously interested in careers in the fashion business. The characters portray students who major in Fashion Photography, Illustration, Design, Accessory Design, Jewelry Design, Fashion Journalism, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Advertising. The Fashion Annex is designated for auxillary programs in Fashion Hair Styling, Makeup and Cosmetology. Because Fashion International is also an exchange school readers will be presented with a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic characters from around the world including Finland, Italy, Eygpt. CATWALK also delves into the complex issues of race relations, class and teenage struggles. The Catwalk Glossary in the back of the novel showcases Amy Bowllan and Deborah Gregoryinventive vocabulary and words. (photos courtesy of cheetahrama)
The Cheetah Girls Here is a quote from Kiely Williams of The Cheetah Girls:
“One way to start off the school year with a bang is to focus on the subjects and teachers that you like and not beat yourself up for the ones that you don’t. In sixth grade, I had a teacher who, no matter how high I stretched my hand, would never call on me. Never. She completely ignored me and I wanted her approval. I thought it was my fault. I thought I had done something or not done something to make her mad at me. It took me almost the whole school year to realize that she just didn’t like me. I didn’t do poorly on tests or disrupt the class. So, I stopped raising my hand in Math class and focused more on English.” 

Okay – How fun was the One World Disney, series??? I am still singing the theme song!


  1. Andrew Pass says:

    Hi. I love the picture of you with Barack Obama.

    Thanks for this interesting post.

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