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She’s Still "Not Slowing Down"

My dear friend, Verne, is such a great resource to me and to so many others – you may remember her. Last Verne Oliver (via School Library Journal)summer, School Library Journal ran an article, Not Slowing Down, Even at 85 and featured Verne. (via Debra Lau Whelan — School Library Journal, 8/1/2007) If you missed that particular issue, you should read it, since it is indeed, inspiring. Verne shares her passion for libraries and for education.
Here’s how Verne responded when asked about students. 

Have students changed much over the last 20 years?

"So many elementary school students in New York City were, and still are, minorities; and while the family origins have changed from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica to Honduras, Guyana, Sierra Leone, Ghana, or Mexico, I find that all students seem to want to learn and love books. Some of the smallest children want to own books, and they are sometimes oblivious to the differences between libraries and places like grocery stores and Toys ‘R’ Us, which also sell books. They want to leave with new books in their knapsacks and can create problems when they’re told that libraries lend and don’t sell or give books."  (via Debra Lau Whelan — School Library Journal, 8/1/2007)

Anyway, yesterday Verne sent me two interesting links that I wanted to pass along to my loyal and lovely readers. 

First up, the Exploravision contest. If you know of any students and teachers who are innovative, creative and/or those who need a boost in the areas of science and technology – have them enter. ExploraVision encourages kids to create and explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations with the tools of science. All inventions and innovations result from creative thinking and problem solving. That’s what ExploraVision is all about.

Next is Tech Forum North East. If you’re in the New York area and are a teacher, librarian, or technologist – this conference looks interesting. This high-powered, one-day event provides K-12 decision makers with thought-provoking content on the hottest topics of the day in education technology.  (via Tech Forum)

Thanks, Verne, for sharing these and for being so dedicated to your craft.