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Bonnie Bracey Sutton: My Story

I started the use of technology, just to help a student who could not seem to be able to write, and who was being pushed into special education. He was brilliant. That student and I taught each other the use of technology. We found a whole new way of being able to learn, by accident. No professional development, no funding, just the desire to use the technology in meaningful ways to enhance learning for one student, the whole class became involved, and then the whole school. First I was the teacher with the tools, and then the kids all wanted to be involved. It was amazing to me the work that they would do to use the technology, with well chosen initiatives like Jason, and the KidsNetwork, the children worked so hard and they LOVED it..

Lots of people think of technology as the silver bullet. Not. (Well sometimes but on rare occasions) We know that there is media so powerful that no words need to be spoken, as in Katrina, or when we cover .

Lots of people think well the technology will replace a teacher. Not. (Well there is e-learning and individualization, but that has other reasons for being.)

Lots of people fear all of the changes that incorporating technology into learning involve, so I have written this as a guide for those who need various sets of information along the way. In a media centric world, to exclude the use of meaningful technology in education in a world so saturated with images of everything else, would be a mistake. I like the way that Chip Bruce talked about media.

So what is technology? Even a pencil, a match, a toothpick is a simple kid of technology. The telephone, airplane, automobile, electric power, atomic fuel, vaccines, transplants, medicines-all of the discoveries of the past century-were expected outcomes of technological advances. Most of us accept change in these various devices as a matter of fact. But education is still deciding what to do with technology as it emerges and changes.

A lot of people try to hold onto the old while integrating the new. That part is challenging , even if you are just thinking behavior modification within the classroom. You really have to think about how behavior changes with the uses of technology.

To be continued…


  1. Joanne Bodden says:

    Thank you Amy for introducing us to this inspirational Leader I feel in just reading a bit about her that she can light the way for a new direction in one of our most important arenas Education! Great Job. Joanne