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What’s Wrong With Twitter?

WIRED magazine writer, Clive Thompson, is reporting how "Twitter is the app that everyone loves to hate." (Thanks to Michael Dean. for the heads up)

How could anyone HATE Twitter? Most of my educational technology resources come via my Twitter friends.

That premise is not, however, the true essence of the article. Thompson actually goes deeper (real deep) and explains how Twitter’s 140 character limit provides, as he calls, a "telepathic awareness." He writes, "It’s like proprioception, your body’s ability to know where your limbs are. That subliminal sense of orientation is crucial for coordination: It keeps you from accidentally bumping into objects, and it makes possible amazing feats of balance and dexterity." 

Huh? Can anyone simplify this for me?

Not an easy concept to understand, especially for those new to Twitter. And if you are new, here are eight feeds to get you started. Feel free to share yours too, in the comment section.

Angela Maiers – – the best for ed. tech. resources.

Andy Carvin – – he’s just into plugged in everywhere. 

Darren Rowse – – for extensive information of blogs and branding. (He has 12,687 followers! While I have 109.)

Vicki Davis – – great resource for teachers, ed. tech. and cyberbullying

Kathy Ishizuka – – SLJ’s finest technology editor.

Dean Shareski – – engaging tweets and true 21st century education reformer.

Nik Peachey – – great English resources.

Alec Couros – Ed Tech Professor – love his thoughts on K-12 education


  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for including me in your list! Here is my visual representation of what Twitter is good for:

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Thank you, for the resources. I am, indeed, honored and will definitely make use of your resources.