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Wormhead: "A project made from and for love."

I dedicate this particular blog post to the late Carolyn McKeown who wrote the short story,  Carolyn O’Meally McKeown WormheadWormhead  (KoolKidz Television and Publishing LLC 1994 & 2005) and to my daughter, Christina, who learned about courage just from watching this delightful dvd. 

Christina asked me to share with  readers her own mini-review of the story.  (I smell an up-and-coming blogger.)

Christina writes, "Wormhead  is about a girl who has dreads like a worm.  Kids should read this because it will teach them not to make fun of anyone. I liked it because it teaches a lot. And at the end they don’t make fun of Nia anymore because her other friend sticks up for her."

Thanks, Christina!
How great…young people sticking up for what is right! 

And we all know – especially with kids – that taking a stand takes courage; and the late author, Carolyn McKeown, had that and more. 

While battling breast cancer over an 11-year span, Carolyn took her husband’s dream and crafted a story with a message for people of all ages. The message my friends is courage.

Rich McKeown,  founder & President of KoolKidz Television & Publishing LLC, is keeping his wife’s message alive. 

Recently, Rich shared with me the wonders of Wormhead. 

Wormhead is a story that came to me in 1994 in a dream and came to life through the words of my wife, the late Carolyn O’Meally McKeown and the art of my mother Stella McKeown. It was to be a children’s picture book. On January 16, 2003, Carolyn succumbed to breast cancer after a courageous 11 year battle. In her memory, in early 2006 this story was instead made into an animated short film featuring the voice of my aunt Zoelle Montgomery. This multiple award winning production, with 30 official film festival screenings, was made with my favorite women and for my love. 


Jesse is excited about entering the second grade – she has both a new teacher and her old friends, Terry and Anne! This year, there is a new girl in class, Nia, and she and Jesse make friends right away. But there is something different about Nia, and everyone touches Nia's hairTerry and Anne don’t like it. How can Jesse keep her old friends and her new one?Rich McKeown

Wormhead is a kid’s animation telling the story of getting along with people who are slightly different. Her classmates ostracize a young girl with braided hair. With a soothing tenor, this story lectures kids about diversity and tolerance. A wonderful message.

Credits include…

Wormhead recently won Best Animation at the Int’l Black Film Festival of Nashville and 2008 Best Animated Children’s Film at the Memphis Black Writers Conference & Southern Film Festival. This short film has also garnered the 2007 NAPPA Honors Award and won Best Animation at the 2007 Texas Black Film Festival. This DVD has also been featured at the 2006 Cannes Shorts Corner as well as thirty official film festival screenings. This DVD, is designed for use on any DVD player, TV, laptop, or personal computer. 

Wormhead is available in libraries in the USA and Canada today.


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