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Halloween and Me: A Mini Pity Party

Okay folks, it’s Thursday and I still haven’t had time to buy a Halloween costume for my daughter. Needless to say, we’re both panicked! Will there be any costumes left? Will they fit? What about dinner?

The clip art to the right sums it up for me – except my baby is 8. Can anyone else relate?

Now that that’s out, I can move on to what I wanted to share with you – to help kick off tomorrow’s festivities.

Years ago, I created this mini-lesson – with younger students in mind – to help them learn and enjoy Halloween in a virtual way. It’s quick, easy, and truly gets students revved up for tomorrow. 

Halloween Lesson:

Would you like to carve your own pumpkin? What about trying your hand at some fun Halloween Math Word Problems, created by students like you. Or maybe you’re an expert at Pumpkin Trivia!? 

So tell me, are pumpkins vegetables or fruits? Click HERE for the answer.

After the candy dries up, use these word games and hangman for activities after the candy dries up. Most of all
have fun, and wish me luck.

(adorable/cute baby photo comes via & Stressed Mom comes via


  1. I love Michael! I will miss him for eternity. Every day I sing his songs. He is one of the greatest singers ever!

  2. A zombie mask or any mask is a great way to start for your Halloween Costume