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Hey A, you are never out of touch!!! I know how busy you must be to keep up your pace with SLJ & Hewitt; I’ve been reading over aNY Teacher State Edition dated 11/6/08:  It contains  "a look at the project and special lesson plans for grades4,8 and 11" prepared from an issue of Speak Up & Speak OUt by RFKennedy "Champion of Social Justice.  It can be seen I think on
The headlines cit lesson plan initiative highlights work of Robert F Kennedy; a teacher-led collaboration; RFK’s missionm, commemorating his work; first hand accounts. They have samples of lesson plans.  It cites for more of interview with Peter Edelmand etc including audio excerpts see  May be something to Blog about of course crediting sources etc.  But I thought you might find this useful!!! love momma THe article notes 20 /rfK lesson plan developers.  The article says it may be useful for 4,8,11 social studies teachers.  check it out!!! See you soon!