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Lodi High School marketing teacher Aimee Cook, left, assisting students Dalia Camphermoso and MateuszKowal with a task for “Virtual Team Challenge: Spill!,” a video game requiring business skills to remediate an oil spill. Students are spending a portion of the semester participating in the "Virtual Team Challenge: Spill!," a nationwide program that allows pre-college teens to learn business and life skills with video games.

Video game hones high school kids’ business instincts Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last updated: Wednesday November 19, 2008, EST 6:51 AM BY GIOVANNA FABIANOSTAFF WRITER

Hey A,  saw a program where Sandra Day O’Connor was on a panel former Supreme Court Justice!  Shes preparing a computer game to present a challenge of learning about the Jurist Prudence System to middle school children; hoping to getting it up and running by the end of Dec.  You may want to check her out & see if you can assist her in getting her goal achieved.  Helping to keep the children learning in the way they love to learn!!! Will look her up as well!  Judge Waynes colleague!!!