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Teen Bloggers: The Digiteen Dream Team Saving Lively

The Cool Cat Teacher Blogger, Vicki Davis, has some amazing students who are taking blogging to the nextVirtual Protest To Save Lively level over at the Digiteen Dream Team blog. I must say, I do like the OPEN ACCESS to their blog – those blogs behind an intranet wall frustrate me to no end.   

Anyway, I just came from over there and noticed these students are having a virtual protest to "Let Lively Live." It’s free expression in a dignified, a powerful and a passionate manner.
I bet you’re wondering, who/what is Lively? I was too. It’s basically a Google feature that allows you to interact in 3D, customize yourself, and, create and share your own places. 

Up until this time I had not heard of Lively. I had, however, heard of the Cool Cat Teacher blogger, an educator who is instrumental in enhancing education – through technology – for people all over the world. I follow her tweets and learn something new everyday.

In her post, Digiteen Dream Team Protest in Lively, Vicki Davis explains: "They want to bring attention to the use of 3d worlds in education and for teaching digital citizenship as well as plead with Lively for a small reprieve to prove to them that it is a viable 3d platform for education that is worth belonging in the Google portfolio." 

And, on the Digiteen Dream Team blog, students from all over the world are speaking out. 

Here are a few of their favorite quotes:

I am Daniel Medalla from 2-STM
(cant put a picture of my lively character………)
Lively is important because some of us teenagers bond in that site.
Please support this website….
It’s a cool site…….^^

 Hi I am Ervin Paul Angelo Gatchalian from 2-SIL
I want to extend lively 1stly because it helps children around the world not to be addict
in violent games in computer and helps children to learn how they can interact with someone
they don’t know. I hope lively will not only extend but be permanent site.

Hi I’m Matthew Narciso from 2-ssm and I wish to speak about lively and hope that they can extend the limit of lively to our computers and to our friends as well.
I hope for the whole wide world to know about lively and help in saving lively from complete obliteration. I wish for all of you to know that lively is not just a normal chat room, its a place weere we can be one. For lively has placed a part in our lives by uniting everybody around us and to make us one in our relations and many more. We hope for you to understand that lively will be one of the best visual websites in the world to me.

Bowllan’s thoughts…

There’s certainly strength in numbers, and I do hope Google will rethink their decision to kill something that’s clearly, so alive. 

 Shame on Google if they let Lively die.  THESE TEENS EVEN HAVE t-shirts, for goodness sake! 

Good luck, dear students!


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  2. Lively shutting down is destroying what my classmates and I have been working on.It is very upsetting that Google has decided to shut down Lively. We have spent a lot of time on Lively teaching seventh graders the nine aspects of digital citizenship. We have created a room for each of the nine aspects. We use a different room each week. The rooms that we have created are being used by seventh graders. We are very upset Lively is shutting down. It is destroying all our time and work on Lively.

  3. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hi, Tinsley!
    I am so sorry this is happening. I believe the campaign to save Lively will ultimately lead to a happy ending. Let’s keep pushing the issue to the fine folks over at Google.