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The Mom Song: Fun on Friday

My week was horrible! It included: late night meetings; angry parents hounding the basketball commissioner – ME – at my daughter’s basketball league – yes I do that too; traffic, traffic, and more traffic; screamed at by a road rager – there are sick people out there; soaked by the rain; and my kids – don’t get me started. 

Ommmm, deep breath…deep breath.

Okay…I’m better now.

Anyway, this Mom’s video is not only hilarious, it puts things in perspective, and provides me with some much needed levity to jump start my weekend. And while it is a video for moms, dads will appreciate it too. Get ready to roar! (Thanks to my good friend S.B. for sharing this with me.)

Happy, happy, Friday!!!


  1. Hello Amy,
    Glad to hear that things are starting to look up for you again. I loved the video! I needed a good dose of laughter this morning too!

    Happy Friday.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Thank you, Bernadette!
    After watching that video, I won’t know how to be a “mom” again 🙂

  3. Finally viewed this video A; it’s the best thanks I needed this today!! love you! your mom