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eInstruction: Grades 6-8 winner, Mr. Michael Grothem

Mr. Michael Grothem at Corona Ranch Elementary in Corona, California, explains the winning video.

View the Winning Video: 

Here are my interview questions and Michael uploaded his answers to YouTube.  It’s all about being creative.

1)      A.B What motivated you to enter the eInstruction contest? 

2)      A.B. How difficult was it to teach and prepare for the contest? 

3)      A.B. Why was this an important contest to participate in? 

4)      A.B. What do you plan do with your winnings?  

5)       A.B. What advice to have for teachers who are NOT using digital devices in the classroom? 

6)      A.B.  Just briefly, go through the process for the eInstruction contest for others who may want to enter next year. What were the steps

What were some valuables lessons you learned? Please give the good and the bad.