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My Favorite Book by Budding Blogger, Martha Shareski

Here’s another budding blogger who just happens to be the daughter of digital learning specialist (and my Martha ShareskiTwitter friend), Dean Shareski. Shareski is a Digital Learning Consultant with the Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. He specializes in the use of technology in the classroom. Dean writes the Ideas and Thoughts blog. And if you’re looking for provocative thoughts, his blog is bold and a must read.

Dean’s daughter, Martha Shareski, writes the Martha’s Stories blog and is certainly taking a page out of her father’s blog book Here’s a recent post that I enjoyed reading

Martha reviews two of her favorite books.


"I really enjoy reading. Reading is one of the things I do to get away from everything else and enjoy a story. I just recently finished a book called "Charlotte in Paris" written by Anna Bryant. It was a good book about a girl who goes to Paris to find her lost cat, kinda silly I know but it was a good book there is other books like this one in the Beacon Street Girls series it might be interesting. But that’s not my favorite book, my favorite book is "Boston Jane" by Jennifer L. Holm. It’s an adventure of a girl that doesn’t fit in and to do that……. well I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I want tell you anymore so if you want to know to you need to read the book. If you have read it tell me how you like it."

Thank you, Martha!!! Come back anytime.

A side note…

If only I had documented – somewhere – notes from my earlier life, since it’s so easy to forget. I know buried in some box I have diary entries; and recently, my older sister Jayne, started blogging and she posted some interesting information about me, while embarrassing, it is very sweet. Thanks, Jayne.
Just don’t laugh at the pictures of me, please.


  1. what other books do you like?