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The Epson WorkForce 600 Printer: A Holiday Gift For You

Does your school need a printer? I’m giving mine away, and it’s brand spanking new. Send me an e-mail as to why your school, or class could use it, and the first, convincing e-mail will win. 

I am happy to announce I have a winner and will be announcing the name and school shortly.

Here’s the backstory…

I was sent an e-mail to review the Epson WorkForce 600 printer, and I thought, why me? I’ve reviewed everything from books – to authors – to pets, but never a printer. Oh well, firsts are a good thing. 

Not long after the e-mail came, the Epson WorkForce 600 was in the mail; and honestly, since it came, I have not had the time to open it. This semester has been quite busy for me and I wanted to give this big box of goodies the undivided attention it deserved. 

A side note…

Sending a printer for a blogger to review is risky, since bloggers tend to be brutally honest. So I was impressed by Epson’s marketing strategy of going all out and letting the chips fall where they may. As a blogger, I did my own fact checking and didn’t find ONE complaint about this printer. 

What a great marketing strategy! 

Here’s what other bloggers are saying about a printer that apparently is taking printing to the next level.

Terry White’s Tech Blog: "I don’t really have any complaints (rare, I know). I’m not into this category of devices, but If I had to recommend an all-in-one device, this would be the one! It’s perfect for any small office or home office. It’s ideal for someone who is tight on space and doesn’t have the room or the budget for multiple devices."
Databazaar Blog: "Like the best Vegas buffets, the Epson WorkForce 600 has just about everything even the pickiest of printer buyers would want." 

Small Biz Survival: "So far, I’ve used it to fax, copy, print and scan. I like it!" 

Gadget Grid: "I generally don’t like reading manuals, and was able to get the whole thing going in under 10 minutes using the (very thorough) quick setup guide."

While the Epson WorkForce 600 came to me out of no where, maybe it will come to you. Send me an e-mail, and tis the season to give.