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The Epson WorkForce 600 Winner: Shaw Elementary School

I wish I had more Epson WorkForce 600s to give away. The responses I received from the contest I held last week really made me think about the many schools out there that are in need.

That said, here’s the winner, Rudolph Chavarria, the Media Center Specialist at Shaw Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona. I was given permission by him to post the winning letter.

Dear Ms. Bowllan,

I ran across your incredible offer almost by accident. But before I get to the rest of the story, let me give you a little background information. I am an elementary school media specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Media Center has suffered through several years of different staff members, poor record keeping, loss of materials (books), and general neglect. I came into this position at the beginning of the current school year not knowing what to expect. The staff who was here last year, spent most of their time attempting to clean up the mess. Although they did a tremendous job of sorting out much of it, it took a toll on them and they transferred, or resigned in the end. We are an inner-city school, with a high minority population (mostly black and Hispanic students.) We are not a wealthy school either, as the majority of our students receive free breakfast and lunches.

I had the good luck of being paired with an exceptional young lady, who is my Media Clerk, here at my school this year. Together, we have worked very hard getting the Media Center back on it’s feet. Although we have a long way to go, our school community has commented to me on many occasions about the wonderful atmosphere we have have in our Media Center this year. The students, teachers, staff, and community are beginning to come back to our library again! We share our facilities and materials with everyone in the school. We welcome all to freely come in and utilize what we have. One of the things that we lack in our Media Center is a color printer. And that is where your article comes in. I meant to go onto the School Library Journal site for some information, and then I saw your article! You see, we get many requests from our patrons for a color printer. We usually have to turn them away, which is very disappointing. There is one other color printer in a teacher’s classroom which was donated by Arizona State University, but that is it. With it being in a classroom, which is a stipulation of the gift, it really restricts availability to others. To have one available for use in the Media Center would open up many more opportunities for everyone. A nice color printer, such as yours, would make a very nice resource for our school to have. I have attempted on several occasions to acquire one, but school budgets are pretty tight, as you probably know.

I know that I am not a prolific writer, but I hope that you will consider us for your gracious and generous gift, Ms. Bowllan. I thank you for your time and consideration. Have a wonderful holiday season, and may God bless you and yours.

***Now I am off to the post office and will keep you posted on Rudolph Chavarria the Media Center Specialist at Shaw Elementary School in Phoenix.*** 

Funny coincidence, I worked as a reporter at KNXV-TV station in Phoenix, Arizona.