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Finally! I have been tagged!

Okay! Thanks to one of my Ed Tech heroes, Dean Shareski, I have been tagged to share 7 things Phylicia Rashad, Antoinette Lynch, MEpeople may or may not know about me. Yikes!

For once I am not long winded.

Here it is, uncensored.

1) I enjoy giving new dimensional readings to everyday people. E-mail me for details.
2) I was a NYC police cadet while working through college. Yeah, I know. Amy in uniform is OMG, LOL, but true.
3) I taught the Cosby mom, Phylicia Rashad, how to play tennis and she is my mentor. She really is super mom!
4) My mom was a nun and just recently left a monastic life. Her prayers are, indeed, powerful; and she is super mom too.
5) My brother Abdul was murdered at the tender age of 24 and his death brought new life to me and to the world – a post for another time.
6) I traveled to war torn Yugoslavia during the war in 1992 and had a life changing experience.
7) I am named after my great-grandmother and her mother on my father’s side – AMY MARIEA.
*8) My pet name is ACE, given to me by my brother. It’s embarrassing, I know.

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