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Angela Maiers: Bowllan’s 2008 Twitter/Emmy Award Winner

There should definitely be Emmy awards for educators, and you know what? I’m not sure this is even allowed;Angela Maiers Christina Bowllan presenting the award.but I’ve been so impressed by educational consultant, Edublog winner, and twitter friend, Barbara Angela Maiers, that I created a special award for her…

Bowllan’s 2008 Twitter/Emmy Award!

Twitter is where, I, as an educator, am able to share ideas, get advice & guidance from the experts, and have access to links…galore. It’s like a candy store for teachers. Angela, the Twitter Resource Bank for educators (which comes via her tweets), is not to be believed – AND – she’s nice about it! She greets us twitter folks with a cheerful good morning tweet and then she’s off and running with her goodies. And while I still don’t know how she does it. Angela’s post, Got 12 minutes? What I Learn from Twitter, gives me some insights as to how she tweets from her humble tag line "Together We Are Smarter."
***Note*** These links are from my favorite tweets, via Angela Maiers. Now, imagine the tweets that I missed!

Here’s a short list:

            AngelaMaiers Top 30 Brain and Health Fitness articles for Smart Brain! – 17 minutes ago from BrightKit    

            AngelaMaiers Lovin’ this! Compare prices of books for best deals- 42 minutes ago from BrightKit    

            AngelaMaiers Free University Lectures! about 1 hour ago from web            

            AngelaMaiers Great post by @Danielpink- 10 Steps to Happiness- about 1 hour ago from web             

            AngelaMaiers Very cool interactive game site- about 1 hour ago from web      

             AngelaMaiers Textbooks are sooo yesterday-check out Knewton! 8:12 PM Dec 23rd from web             

            AngelaMaiers Google Tools for Scholars and Students- 4:40 PM Dec 22nd from BrightKit               

            AngelaMaiers Lovin’ this!!-interact with others across the cloud- 3:05 PM Dec 22nd from BrightKit             

            AngelaMaiers Great visual literacy lessons here- http://www.lightscameralear… 2:00 PM Dec 22nd from BrightKit           

            AngelaMaiers Fun with Wikis – http://gettingtrickywithwik… 12:45 PM Dec 22nd from BrightKit              
            AngelaMaiers Very cool! Holiday Lego Site 2:25 PM Dec 19th from BrightKit    
            AngelaMaiers Favorite Links for the Week- Chalk Talk Friday! 12:49 PM Dec 19th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Another incredibly cool picture tool- 10:55 AM Dec 19th from BrightKit           

            AngelaMaiers Fantastic resource for Internet Lesson Plans- http://www.internet4classro… 12:54 PM Dec 16th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Kids will so love this-wrap up the week with an educational rap- 2:55 PM Dec 10th from BrightKit              

            AngelaMaiers Very cool anatomy site- 4:46 PM Dec 9th from  web              
            AngelaMaiers Great teacher resource- http://delicious4teachers.p… 4:30 PM Dec 9th from web             

            AngelaMaiers Great way to stay in touch with people you care about- 11:40 AM Dec 9th from BrightKit    

            AngelaMaiers Ready for a history challenge- check out this great site- 9:29 AM Dec 9th from web             

            AngelaMaiers Complete list of Google Earth activities- 9:29 AM Dec 9th from web        

            AngelaMaiers Customized spelling list videos- 3:36 PM Dec 7th from web    

            AngelaMaiers What does the teenage brain on Google look like? Find out what scientist say- 3:26 PM Dec 7th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Cool online time-… 11:58 AM Dec 3rd from web        

            AngelaMaiers How cool is this? Let your students name the next Mars Rover!… 11:50 AM Dec 3rd from web

            AngelaMaiers Great picture book data base for childrens lit-… 1:42 PM Dec 1st from web         

            AngelaMaiers Great images and interactives here- 1:36 PM Dec 1st from web              

            AngelaMaiers Homework help for all subject areas – 10:14 AM Nov 25th from web           

AngelaMaiers Rt- @coolcatteacher 40 cool literacy blogs – Pageflakes – Sandy’s Literacy Blogs 1:05 PM Nov 21st from web       

            AngelaMaiers Word lovers everywhere will dig this site- 12:54 PM Nov 21st from web

             AngelaMaiers Looking forward to showing teachers this morning-more very cool animations! 12:50 PM Nov 18th from web           

            AngelaMaiers View Steve Jobs Standford Commencement Speech- nice watch! 12:50 PM Nov 18th from web              

            AngelaMaiers Another great historical image site-works with Google Maps – 10:57 AM Nov 18th from web              

            AngelaMaiers This is cool-video tour of Google office in NY-this would be great to show kids! 9:15 PM Nov 16th from web    

            AngelaMaiers Another cool interactive book site- http://teacher.scholastic.c… 9:07 PM Nov 16th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Best Online Learning Games- Thanks, Larry! 9:39 AM Nov 14th from web               

            AngelaMaiers Writing Fun for kids – 5:31 PM Nov 13th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Newsfilm Online-Gives educators and students access to film, TV, and Movie footage 2:07 PM Nov 13th from web         

            AngelaMaiers Just stumbled across this great, interactive site for young learners- 1:51 PM Nov 13th from web                      

            AngelaMaiers Excellent videos on 21st Century Learning – 9:38 AM Oct 17th from web               

            AngelaMaiers I soo needed this site in HS-Calculus support here- Thanks @coolcatteacher for the find! Great site! 9:32 AM Oct 17th from web        

            AngelaMaiers Nice online reading tool- 10:26 AM Sep 23rd from web                           

            AngelaMaiers KidPub- a place where kids can publish their own books! 8:26 AM Sep 12th from web    

            AngelaMaiers Excellent Site-Kids readin’, writin’, and talkin’ about books! LOVE this site! http://kidsblogs.nationalge… 8:25 AM Sep 12th from web            

            AngelaMaiers 100 Great learning Games – http://lakeview.lethsd.ab.c… 10:55 AM Aug 2nd from web     

            AngelaMaiers Excellent teacher resources site – 10:55 AM Jul 28th from web         
            AngelaMaiers No textbooks to teach with-no problem! 100 free textbook-free resources – HT to Dorothy T. for the share! 10:36 AM Jul 28th from web      

            AngelaMaiers @chrislehmann and @dwarlick – Great piece in Scholastic magazine on literacy and technology – 11:57 AM Jul 27th from web in reply to chrislehmann    

            AngelaMaiers New literacies video from UCLA –… 11:46 AM Jul 27th from web  

            AngelaMaiers @brain_smith – thanks for the great resource on Technology and Literacy – 10:21 AM Jun 17th from web      

            AngelaMaiers Wordle anyone??-this is so cool! Talk about visual literacy! (Hat TIp to Cathy nelson for sharing!) 10:17 AM Jun 17th from web        

AngelaMaiers Top 30 Brain and Health Fitness articles for Smart Brain! – 25 minutes ago from BrightKit

           AngelaMaiers Need Inspiration to go back to school?- Check out Education Quotes of Inspiration here- about 2 hours ago from BrightKit

           AngelaMaiers Another cool image book marking site- 6 minutes ago from BrightKit

HAPPY NEW YEAR to educators all over the world!