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Building Bridges: No More Fluff

One resolution I have for 2009 (and for every year after) is to share with readers, ONLY THAT information that is useful. And as we say in news, NO FLUFF! Which translates into, moi, posting about the cover story of me being one of sixteen to grace the cover of School Library Journal magazine, will be listed as the F word – fluff. And hence, not blog worthy. I’ll save my F-ego stuff for Facebook. 

Enough of that.

Here’s my inaugural, no-fluff lesson plan for teachers of students in grades 4-12. 

Yesterday I had one of the best lessons ever. It was pretty simple, yet powerful. It actually started over the summer when I was inspired while watching the Cheetah Girls One World video. 

A bridge was being built right in front of my eyes.  

So my idea was to teach a special course this year – BUILDING BRIDGES THROUGH MUSIC and little did I know there’s so much already being done in that department. And if you do nothing else, watch the Bill Moyers interview with the genius humanitarian, Mark Johnson’s, and his Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

Also, here is my very simple lesson plan with a wiki forthcoming. 

Directions: After viewing the video answer the following questions.

1) Why did Mark Johnson select this song?
2) Why does he think music something that can build bridges?
3) Can the same video be shot in your state? Why, or why not?
4) Why did the people in white cause such emotion from the crowd?
5) What can you do to build bridges? 
6)  With a partner, create a song using the building bridges theme.


  1. “Standing by me” is what you (A) did for me & I will always treasure your faithfulness!! I loved this video BTW!love you cb