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2009 Inauguration Lesson Plans: Video Blog#2

Yes. I am prepared  to go to Washington, DC., for the 2009 inauguration. Where I am staying and what I will
have access to, at this point, is up-in-the-air. All I know is, today my Amtrak tickets came in the mail (as planned), which brings me one step closer to LIVING HISTORY as it unfolds. 

***Warning*** The video is not professionally done, since I did it, but I think you’ll get the message. Just promise me, promise me, you won’t laugh.  

Here’s my second video blog and an easy lesson plan for grades 4-8. It’s a great way to help prepare students for the 2009 inauguration.
I recommend having students work in pairs for this exercise. And, they should use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to answer their questions:

1) Who was the first president to include African Americans in his inauguration parade?


2) Which president had his inauguration speech broadcasted live on the Internet?


3) What number president will Barack Obama be?


4) Where in Washington D.C., will Barack Obama be sworn in?


5) How many people are expected to be in attendance at the inauguration?


6) What is Eufaula Frazier determined to do and why? What is so fascinating about her?


7) What is the theme President-elect Obama will be delivering at the inauguration?


8) What form of travel will Obama use to get to the inauguration? Who will he be picking up in Delaware on January 17?


9) What does Obama want to make MLK Day? What does he want people to do on this day?


10) What bible will Obama use to be sworn in on? ***BONUS*** Check the previous sites. For number 10, direct students to the previous sites to assist them in their research.

Here’s another
lesson plan for the 2009 inauguration


  1. Amy Bowllan says:

    Mrs. Mason,

    Thank you so much for the catch. I’ll will have it fixed ASAP.


  2. Amy Bowllan says:


  3. Inside The School says:

    Thank you for the kind link to our inauguration lesson plan. I hope you enjoyed the celebration!