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Teaching in the Obama Era: My Dream – Video Blog#3

First, read the post, then watch the video blog. Again, I am just now starting to get the hang of how to record myself, edit the footage, and then post to the blog – all in preparation for my journey to the inauguration. By 
the way, my inauguration  ball tickets came today!!! Whoo hoo!

Okay, here’s the post.

I had a dream last night that right after Barack Obama was sworn in as president, teachers all over the world started to lift their shades in their classrooms and the sunlight was beaming in.

It’s true.
In my dream (which must be some sort of compilation of thoughts), were teachers chanting to their students the following blurbs, in red.  

Dissecting my random dream thoughts…

"Now that Obama’s president, it’s a new day, class."  – This came from the lesson on the inauguration.
"You can do it too." – I told my daughter that yesterday on our way to school, that she too can be president…she told me to run.
"Let’s rethink our lesson plans and find the meaning that relates to this new president." (Not sure?)
"Let’s think about community service." This was definitely a result of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day article I read.
"Let’s rethink bulletin boards and use them not as decorations but as teaching tools." This was a result of my bulletin board debacle this week. arrghh
"Let’s bring students into the planning of our lessons. Let’s open our doors even wider. Let’s take Obama’s lead and teach from the inside out."  I’ve been thinking about this all year. 

Now, here are some final thoughts…click video.

For teachers, here are more lessons ideas for the 2009 Inauguration and feel free to share yours in the comment section. 


  1. Great post Amy. Loved it

  2. Loved your Dream A; your Vision and your Hope for a Higher measure of Truth, Honesty and Sincerity; not only in the Words of our Leaders but more importantly in THEIR DEEDS!!! Let this be the Obama ERA not the OBAMA ERROR!

  3. Amy Bowllan says:

    Mom, that’s a great line! “Obama error!” Why didn’t I think of it! Thanks for your support.
    Thanks, Kakie, too.

  4. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.