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Wake Up: Teaching in the Obama Era

I thought about singing this song for my next video blog, but then quickly thought again, since laughing at my expense is not cool. But as I reflect on yesterday’s post, and teaching in the Obama era, this song is the one that came to mind. Grab some Kleenex before you watch the video.   

I also wanted to hear from teachers, librarians, and everyday people, what they thought about the Obama era and teaching. Here are a two three tweets for you. Feel free to share your thoughts too.

@nandikerri said… I think that we’ll see more Kaplan University type initiatives out there, too- wonder if they will make it to Indy schools and schools will ‘look’ the same for systematic change takes at least 2 administrations- students will be different.


@arvind schools are always the first places people cut budgets in tough economic times. Unfortunately, I think that’s where they’re headed…fortunately, people are starting to experiment more with new school models, that we can only hope will be able to do more with less.

@wsstephens had to think about Obama — seems very pulse-y that our leader gets social media enough to make the effort to make smart use which bodes well for mainstreaming of social media in schools, IMHO, since we teachers are still scared of Internet bogeymen about

More teacher resources for inauguration preparation can be found here, thanks to a tweet from @AngelaMaiers


  1. I believe that his campaign was brilliant and made a strong statement about the power in social media. It was done at the right time and I think it is the beginning of a revolution which will transform the way our schools teach. We are seeing corporations begin to have dialogue with their clients using this medium as well.

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    I agree with you, Kakie! And it’s amazing that people are afraid to say what you said. Why are we fearful when it comes to Obama? Every other president we walk by faith and not by sight.