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America The Beautiful: An Inaugural Birthday Present

Go ahead and ask. Why in the world would my sister sing on my blog? Here’s why:

#1.  Tomorrow’s my birthday and I like hearing her sing; although I would NEVER tell her. *smile*
#2.  I leave early Sunday morning for the inauguration and I asked my daughter, what’s one song you would want dedicated to 

President-elect Barack Obama? Her first choice was America The Beautiful.
#3.  This trip to the inauguration is not just my journey, it’s America’s. And I plan to bring you, my faithful readers, as much information as I humanly can. 

Lastly, this song will give me that inspiration.

This will be my final post before my departure. The next time you hear from me, I will be on the 8:00 am ACELA headed to Washington. My posts will be through Twitter and Facebook, and my blog will be updated the moment I reach the hotel and gain Internet access.

On another note, I will let you peek into my Facebook world for a moment and read some provocative insights from some friends, who when asked about education during the Obama era, responded quite passionately. brother’s pet name for me is Ace and his comment is first.

Anthony Bodden at 5:47pm January 15

Ok no more jokes Ace first we can paint all the schools Red, Black, & Green…. Just to add some color – LOL
Then we make art a major subject like math & science then we start teaching truth to the youth let them know how war should be the last thing we use to handle other nations. We need to also pay teachers way more money…. If sports people can make millions we have to find teachers more loot…. While we’re at it we should take a fraction of the money from every sports event and pump it into the urban schools. To buy computers and things they need to bring the kids up to date with the rest of the world… Love & peace, art, not war!!!! :) this is all a dream but I see it!
Fredi Louis-Jacques at 5:03pm January 15
It would be nice to see then all equally equipped with computers and Internet access (not just the private school or public schools in high income areas), so that all kids can take advantage of the technological age we live in (and not just by having a cell phone!).
Gigi Bell at 12:12pm January 15
I live for the day that the American History Books are finally changed to have President Barak Obama’s picture and history included as the First BLack President of the United States of America inducted in our American History Books.
I think it would give our schools ( particularly in the inner cities) a new found pride and encouragement for the students to work harder, dream bigger and love life to the fullest because they too can become what ever they want with no limitations. This is the first time that we have a hero of another kind. His name is Barak Obama and he holds the highest office one can hold in the United States of America.


  1. Loved hearing your sis sing. This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I was looking for some fourth grade inauguration lessons. I will use the links you have provided, but one is broken (the Bible question). Keep up the good work. Have a great time in Washington.

  2. Beautiful! I have to say, this IS how I feel about America, she has a LOVELY soulful voice, thank your Amy’s sis for singing this, Amy’s not the only one who enjoyed it!

  3. Fantastic! Happy Belated Birthday! Savor the moments. What a wonderful memory. Your children can enjoy and remember the event from the warmth of home. I will always remember watching Dr. King’s speech on TV. A front row seat to history.