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Bowllan’s Inauguration Coverage – Should I Have Brought The Kids?

What a day? It’s 7:51 pm and only now have I been able to access wireless service for my laptop. 

That said, I spent the early part of the morning preparing for my trip to the inauguration, and was fortunate to have my husband and kids drive me – very early – to NYC’s, Penn Station, for a very quiet and tired send off.

I felt a little sad leaving because I know a small part of me will be different when I return home. Not to mention, my children begged to come with me. And I am sure I will always have regrets about not bringing them, since I do see kids here. But it would have been hard for me – carrying bags and the like. 

So I ask you, if you had the opportunity, would you bring your kids to the inauguration?

Anyway, the footage was shot by my husband, Mark, and this type of video – is called a natural sound piece (natsot)…meaning, the story tells itself.  Take a look.


  1. Kakie Fitzsimmons says:

    Nice video. I think if any parent had the opportunity we would if it didn’t involve work or if we could afford to bring a spouse/nanny along to help. I am sure it was a tough decision for you. That being said, the gift and BLESSING in all of this is that you are a journalist and by simply writing about the experience and documenting it on video, that alone can be an awesome legacy to share with them. Just in a different way. For those of us who can not go, we appreciate you sharing your journey with us.

  2. So EXCITING, even if it’s low key. One of the things about conferences which is the only thing I can compare it to, which of COURSE is NOT the same, is maintaining that energy level. I look forward to your reflections of HOW this has changed you, Amy! Your kids are beautiful (son has your eyes). I dunno it’s a tough call. I would love to think I would share the moment with my daughters, especially if they were interested. But that could be fanciful thinking, because I tend to be overprotective, type-A with my children. On the other hand as a young girl scout circa 1970, my week stay in DC and being caught up in earth day (boy was I made fun of a lost Cadet Scout in a vast sea of hippies!) was a transforming experience for me!

    I guess what I’m thinking is there were no incorrect decisions, only hard ones. Try not to live with regret, life is far too short! Have a WONDERFUL week and journey!

  3. And what Kakie Fitz said!

  4. christina says:

    hi mom

  5. ok aim im, with you
    hows it going

  6. it was a pleasure sitting next to you this morning on the train. good luck in DC- we’ll be at the national building museum for the commander in chief ball

  7. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hi everyone,

    just wanted to send off a quick thanks for your insights and support. Ah, my aching back today :) And I am off to find the Blair House for Community Service.
    Dennis it was great! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! I still can’t find my files but the sun will come out tomorrow. :)
    Jack, I am well and sore. I need to invest in a rolling bag.

  8. Dan Blank says:

    I feel like I am on the journey with you!

  9. LIZ BURNS says:

    Important “do I take kids” factors:
    — are clean bathrooms readily available?
    — how crowded will it be?
    — how easy to find one another if separated in crowd?
    Based on all of those, I think not taking them was the smart move.

  10. Amy Bowllan says:

    Dan, you are and have been on this journey with me 😉

    Liz, you are so right. Everyone is walking around with babywipes because toilet paper won’t be available. And…the kids I have seen just over the past 24 hours look shell shocked. I am off for more footage. Thanks